Friday, August 31, 2007

Summertime Sknitches

I can't believe it but summer is almost over. Since vacation, I've managed to finish another pair of socks and half of a shawl I'd already had started, but that's about it! I'm trying to make sure I knit at least an hour a day, but have only been able to manage a half hour or so. This doesn't include sknitches at lunch or in the car.

Had our first new local knitting circle a couple of weeks ago. I'd signed up at and called the cafe's marketing director to spread the word a little. About 11 people showed up! I was nervously envisioning sitting alone knitting by myself all night but when I got there, most were already there and knitting away. Good times.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Back from Newfoundland! Finished a pair of socks and started a new pair, finished one Delicato Mitt and am halfway through a shawl. The Highland Triangle was too bulky to bring. My knitting has been so scattered this summer that I'm now working on only one project at a time. I've done this before and its pretty effective for me. Maybe I'll have finished photos soon to look back on.

Newfoundland was absolutely gorgeous and the people were amazingly friendly. My only regret (even though I had a lot of knitting time) is that we spent so much time in the car. I'd fly closer if I went again.