Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good grief

I just can't get out of the way of myself.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I got it!

It got a bit ugly at the end and I lost a yard, but they are ready to wash. Isn't it amazing how if your hands are the tiniest bit tense, knots pop up where you didn't have them before.


Every Day is Gustevous Day.


There is a foul wind blowing out of the east tonight. Spinning has been off and on and in the last year more off, so with a quiet sense of accomplishment (my spinning isn't that great still), I finished plying the blue stuff with glitter this evening.

Looking forward to washing and setting, I tried a niddy noddy for the first time instead of pulling out the clock reel. Completely screwed it up and to make things worse, I looked at the freaking skien before taking it off the noddy.

I'm itching to work on a sweater I started on the machine, but there is a very large bear holed up in its growelry that bellows in some kind of language only I can unfortunately understand that the machine sounds like thunder. Cozy Vest is plotzing along about an inch a week but I don't feel like it tonight.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fleece Artist Celtic Cardigan

I cast on for Fleece Artist's Celtic Cardigan when I finished Moriah and it turned out to be a
quick knit. I absolutely adore this sweater. It was one of those fun
knits you can't get enough of. It's Scotian Silk, color Mahogany. The button is really a labrinth
belt buckle my sweetheart had gotten for me years ago. It had been
sitting in a drawer and when I saw the photos for this sweater online,
I bought the kit for the button.

The color is much better here. Tough time taking photos today.