Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carnival Tee

I finished this top a couple of weeks ago.  It is Carnival Tee, designed by Helene Rush and knit with Knit One Crochet Too's Ty Dy Cotton.  

I knit the skirt once and it was huge. It would have been too big for my husband. So I frogged and took a nice, three month break from it. After knitting it again, I did not try it on after finishing the shoulder straps. I remember as I set it down to work on the sleeves, a neon traffic sign the size of a billboard flashed across my brain, "That looks too short". The same image burned across my eyeballs when I forged ahead and knit the shoulder straps together, finished the neckline and attached the sleeves. Long story short, it is too short and only fits when wet. More than happy to bequeath it to a friend but I really should have known better! I'm happily knitting dishcloths now.

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