Saturday, July 24, 2010

Angel's Rest

Finished these socks for Mom last week and loved knitting them.  Its a quick pattern (Peak Experience from Fiber Trends) and so pretty to me.  The colors of the yarn (Opal) remind me of baseball.  I love Opal.  It doesn't have as much softness as others, but I know these will last for years. 

Three pairs down, three to go for her.  I have a self imposed goal of sorts to finish by October.  It took me 19 days to finish Angel's Rest.  October is quite a while away, but I haven't started a few other projects yet - a hat for a co-worker, Tom's socks of the year, Fall shawl, Aunt Fran's birthday shawl.... and so it goes. 

Doing a sugar roll to check for mites with the bees later!   They seem to be doing really well.  We moved too fast by putting honey supers up and so removed them a couple weeks ago.   Solaris (hive #1) had 60% of the second brood chamber filled out.  We will be able to see how Helious is doing this afternoon.   We got them so late in the season, they are still building their colonies. They've been foraging in the clover and I hate to, but I have to mow the lawn.  

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Lynnette said...

Beautiful socks! I love Opal too...I went through a phase where I was so beyond patterned yarns, and I now see the joy in them again--maybe they don't always work so great for lace, but I LOVE them for their ease and beauty!